Congrats Jude Clark on your first surf magazine cover! July 13 2017, 0 Comments

You may say print is dead and its all about the instafacesnaptwit mobile world. In some cases you may be right, but the elusive cover shot in the surfing world, belongs solely on that printed page you can hold in your hand and leaf through! The picture placed on the front of the mag is meant to grab attention, and introduce everyone to the content inside. It is there to make you want to turn the page, to see the picture galleries inside, the written content, and yes the ads as well. Photo editors and their editors in chief hash it out over a handful of choices, and finally choose the one picture that best represent their month of hard work. They pick it and not even the surfer or photographer knows before the guy standing next to them. 

   Jude Clark was scrolling through Instagram on a Monday and saw a preview of the the next Eastern Surf Magazine cover. A nice, waterview sequence of himself pulling into a barrel on Mothers Day 2017 shot by Ryan Mack. He couldn't believe it. He was stoked, he was shocked, he was every emotion you can get. Jude has been working on his surfing day in and day out, working with Chemistry Surfboards to get the right equipment, and working with all the local photographers/videographers to get some shots. His shots have been popping on swell galleries, and the social media of his supporters, regional and national magazines. Was only a matter of time before Jude was in the running for a cover!! 

   We are proud Jude calls our shop home and congrats again Jude!