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Chemistry Side A-6'3"

Chemistry Surfboards

$ 775.00 $ 600.00

6' 3" x 19 3/4" x 2 11/16", 34 liters, block swallow, poly, clear, Futures Fins tri fin

The Side-A has a deep single concave which allows this model to gain speed very quickly. The nose is more pulled in than our R2, and the back half of the outline is a bit straighter which allows you to gain maximum speed effortlessly. The rail line of the Side-A model is a bit lower, so this board will feel "chippier" than our R2 model. This board has an accelerated rocker which allows it to fit well in punchy, curvier waves. The block swallow tail extends the rail line and gives you a definitive pivot point to turn off of.

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