Chemistry Surfboards x Bare Wires Surf "Sea Robin" model

The Sea Robin is built for NJ waves and co-designed by NJ surfers. We gave the guys over at Chemistry some likes and dislikes of boards we ride in our everyday waves here in NJ. It was an honor when Chemistry said they wanted to partner with us to create a model that excels in the very temperamental surf of the North East. In doing so, they made a model with moderate nose and tail rockers to generate speed and paddle well. The outline is curvy to enhance the models’ ability to fit in the pocket while increasing its maneuverability in below average waves. Equipped with a 5 fin set up, it can be ridden as a quad or a thruster. The tail is a single wing angled moon tail which we have never done for any other model in our line. The surfers in the North East are just as diverse as the conditions so this model can be ordered in beginner/grom sizes as well as older experienced surfer volumes. Shaper/Surfer Jason Bennett has been a visitor to NJ regularly since the late 90s. When his pro surf career turned into surfboard shaping his visits didn't stop. He has seen the best amd worse NJ has to offer in the ocean. His designs have become staples of NJ surfers quivers over the last ten years, and we can't wait to see what a board made just for NJ has to offer. The Sea Robin is available exclusively through the shop. All orders can be placed thru us in person, via email, and via phone. Please call 732-359-7780 with any questions.