Buell Women Stealth 3/2mm Fullsuit-Blk/Viol

Sold Out

Sold Out

Simple to get in and out of, the RBZ Stealth Mode wards off water and protects with an inner water barrier that keeps the cold out—the perfect suit for surfers of all levels.




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Ninja Neoprene 

Triple glued and blind stitched external seams with “Soft Seal” interior seam tape

Neck features smooth skin “Snake Seal”

Wrist and ankle “Sizzle Seal” waterway seals

Supratex Knee Pads


WOMENS  4               6                     6T                 8               8T                   10                     12

HEIGHT  5'4" - 5'6"       5'5"-5'7"         5'5"-5'8"     5'7"-5'9"       5'7"-5'10"        5'8"-5'11"         5'11"-6'1"

WEIGHT  105-125         115-135          115-135      135-155        120-135          145-165           155-175


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