Chemistry Surfboards R2-5'11"

$ 630.00

Sold Out

5'11" x 19 1/2" x 2 3/8" 28 liters, squash tail, white, poly, 4x5oz deck glass for more durability, carbon deck strips, FCS2 thruster 


The board has a thicker nose foil which assists in catching waves. The R2 has been proven to work consistently in all conditions whether you’re surfing a 2 foot beach break or an 8 foot reef.

The new R2 model has been ridden and tested by our entire team throughout the year. From Blacks beach to the racetrack at Uluwatu, this board has been put through its paces. The R2 has a gradual nose and tail rocker as well as a slight single concave through out the board. With this combination we found the board to be fast in slower surf yet holds in bigger conditions.

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