Chemistry Zen3-5'11"

Sold Out $ 795.00

Sold Out

5' 11" x 19 3/4" x 2 1/2" 32.8L 31.4L, thumb, poly, deck channels, 4 channel bottom, rail spray, Futures Fins five fin


The Zen board line has been a favorite of our customers looking for a forward volume board to get in early on heavy, hollow surf. The Zen3 was built off of the need to get into waves easily and to go as fast as possible down the line. This characteristic alone not only makes this ultra versatile model work well in hollow surf but below average surf as well. The Zen3 has a relaxed entry rocker which makes this board paddle well in all conditions. It's wider thumb tail allows for maximum maneuverability, while the four channel bottom gives the board a bit more hold and aids in even more speed generation. Testing this model has been really fun due to its ability to perform in just about everything. From getting deep head high tubes to launching airs in waist high waves, it made choosing a board easy when heading out for a surf. We can finally claim with full confidence that this is the fastest model we have ever created.