Chilli Surfboards Oh One-5'11"

$ 630.00 $ 700.00

5'11"  x 19 1/8" x 2 3/8" 27.60 liters, thumb tail, poly glass, futures five fin

The Oh One combines 3 key elements from a few of Chilli's most favourite models we have the ultimate all round, all condition shortboard

We've added the volume in the centre (stringer) of the board for a much similar feel to the Rare Bird for paddle power and foam under the front foot to keep you moving through the flat sections but kept the rail low so it doesn't feel like a big board.

We have taken the bottom contours (very similar rocker and concaves) from the Spawn and Fader to create a high performance ride in critical steeper sections.

Throw a thumb tail similar to the Fader (touch wider) accompanied with a 5 fin set up. When ridden thruster it's sharp and accurate and super fast and flow when ridden with a quad set up.

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