Firewire PyzAlien Surfboard 6'2"

$ 499.00 $ 750.00

Firewire's product development is centered around three things: The exclusive use of epoxy resins and EPS foam cores, developing lighter and stronger surfboards through sandwich construction, and optimizing flex to maximize performance.

Firewire PyzAlien Surfboard

The PyzAlien is a great all-around performance board, designed to maintain speed and flow in weaker conditions, while feeling lively and loose in all types of waves. The fuller outline, wider tail and slightly wider, flatter nose aid in producing speed and drive, and make it a fast, easy paddler.

It has a lot of curve through the tail rocker, that combined with the bottoms contours of single/double concave running into a nice bit of "V" off the tail keep snappy yet controlled when you tip it onto the rail. A great board for a wide range of waves and conditions, the PyzAlien feels just as good in waist-high slop as it does in overhead juice and will help you get the most out of your everyday sessions.

For more advanced surfers we recommend you ride this board around your height or 1" below.

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