JS Blak Box 2 HyFi-5'11"

$ 780.00

5'11" x 20" x 2 1/2" 31.6 liters, squash, FCS2 five fin, HYFI construction


BLAK BOX 2 is a no-nonsense board built for surfers who want something they can rely on in small surf and when the waves are good.


For the last two years, its been an overwhelming favourite for surfers chasing a board to use in everything from average summer beachies to peeling pointbreaks. It creates speed instantly when the waves are small thanks to its fuller outline and low entry/exit rockers, yet still has the ability to handle when the swell’s up due to its subtle bottom contours and performance hip squash tail. 


BLAK BOX 2 now comes standard with a 5 fin set-up and has expanded its range of wave types without compromising performance in the small stuff.


HYFI Construction

Drawing inspiration from the most hi-tech crafts in the boardsports world, we looked at everything from wind-surfers and racing SUPs to wakeboards and snowboards. Advanced manufacturing techniques allow the leaders in each of these fields to create incredibly consistent, well built and long lasting products – three key components in the future of surfboard design.


Seeking to go one better as always, a purpose-built factory gave us the perfect environment to develop our patent pending Hybrid Fiber Diamond. This breakthrough, now known as HYFI, is an exclusive multi-layer construction that feels like nothing else out there. Think of it as a futuristic exoskeleton for a surfboard that allows it to be lighter and stronger than ever before, while still maintaining the perfect flex for maximum performance. And what we’ve discovered is, it’s only made possible with this exact combination of elements:


BUILT with cutting edge materials

FUELED by constant innovation and refinements

PERFECTED through a specific construction technique pioneered by JS

We started with the most flexible base we could imagine, an EPS core with no stringer, and from there began the painstaking process of balancing strength, weight and flex. 100 prototypes with a range of different cores and materials, put together in every conceivable way. Adding carbon to areas requiring strength and rigidity, Olefin fibers to those needing more strength and flex, or a combination of layers when neither would do the job exactly right. Design, develop, surf. Over and over. Endless updates and improvements to every little detail.


And now, it’s all paid off. Welcome to HYFI.