NVS Convertible Kraken Twin SingleTab

$ 85.00

For a while now we’ve been encouraging people to try riding their thrusters with a twin + stabilizer setup.   Tends to work well for many shapes; particularly swallow tails and fishy hybrids.  Sometimes though, the fin box placement isn’t quite right for twins.  Twin boxes are generally placed a bit farther back than those of thruster side fins, so it doesn’t always translate perfectly.  

To address this we decided to do a run of Kraken Twins set back 3/4” on the single tab base.  This allows you to convert your thruster to a twin + Stabilizer (or even straight Twin setup for some boards).   They’ve worked great for us and feedback so far has been excellent.   They can also be used in boards designed for twins for anyone wanting a little more hold and drawn out turns. 

We’re calling these the Convertible Krakens.   We opted to go with the Kraken template as it’s the most high performance, upright twin template we offer.  The kraken template has a fairly wide base, refined tip and is relatively upright which means they won’t fight you, despite having a surface area of 19.57 square inches.   One of our favorite templates; so it’s cool to be able to offer you a way to surf them in a wider range of boards.  

We recommend them with the stabilizer, especially for more classic thrusters that are designed around the fluid dynamics of three fins.