Slater Design No Brainer-5'9"

Sold Out $ 785.00

Sold Out

5' 09" x 19 11/16" x 2 9/16" 32.6 L, swallow tail, LFT glass tech, Futures Fins 


I think this board is really magic – the kind of board that an advanced and talented surfer can grovel and shred on, but at the same time something that all other levels of surfer can ride in small to decent sized surf.


The bottom contour is made up of a subtle belly v in the nose that goes into a moderate single concave under the chest. Within that single concave is a double concave that runs through nearly the entire length of the board. Even through the fins. But in the last five or so inches of the board it turns into a spiral V, because since I started working with Kelly over the last couple years, I’ve learned that V is something really critical to him in most of his shapes.


 I recommend surfing this board with your favorite quad set. “

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