Super Brand SPV 5'7"

$ 515.00 $ 615.00

5'7" x 18 7/8" x 2 3/16" 23.9 liters, squash, futures fins thruster. This board comes with a premium futures fins set


Concerned about having too many shapes to ride—some for airs, some for turns—Dion Agius sought a simple solution. After working closely with Dion on testing and developing, the final SPV is the best of both worlds: while remaining smooth and clean for turns and rail work, it won’t hold you back while blasting airs. *2014 SIMA Image Awards 'Surfboard of the Year' Nominee! 


• Curvy outline with wider center and subtly pulled in nose and tail

• Medium rocker with extra flip off the tail

• Single to double concave with slight V off the tail

• Tri fin

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