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Buell DR2 3/2mm Fullsuit-BLK


$ 299.95 $ 195.00

The DR2 is a Dane Reynolds, Ryan Buell collaboration. A no BS full suit, with minimal logos, premium neoprene, and a pull over internal water blocking barrier- different from our other back zips. This wetsuit also has internal taping to ensure warmth and flexibility. 



Back Flood Gate! (The only backzip in our lineup with this feature.)
Material: Ninja Neoprene with Ultraspan flex-fabric on the exterior
Seams: Glued and blind stitched seams with internal tape
Entry system: Back zip with a pull over internal water blocking barrier
Lining: Soft Ultraspan flex-fabric material that is insanely warm & cozy
Knee pads: Embossed Supratex Tuff kneepads
No Key Pocket

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