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True Ames Furrow Aspect Twin-TUQ

true ames

$ 90.00

 Futures Fins compatible

Designed by Christine Brailsford Caro, the Furrow High Aspect Twin is an original template that we're stoked to be able to offer in our lineup. Christine has developed a trained eye for design as exhibited through her beautiful handcrafted shapes (Furrow Surf Craft), and she thoughtfully transferred some of that same magic to this twin design. These fins are both versatile and nimble which allows he design to be used in an array of craft... Christine likes this template for her smaller winged round tail twin as well as a few different fish designs from small to large sizes and everything in between (even Mr. Skip Frye is a fan of these twins in his Long fish models!). Fast and dynamic, yet playful and loose is the name of the game here - don't miss your chance to try out these uniquely sized twins that are sure to add a bit of extra spark to your quiver.

HEIGHT: 5.05" / 128 mm 
BASE: 5.55" / 141 mm

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