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Chemistry 23 Futures-6' 3"

Chemistry Surfboards

$ 845.00

6'3" x 21" x 2 5/8", 37.4L, diamond tail, poly, clear, Futures Fins five fin

Fresh out the shaping bay we proudly present The 23, the ultimate two in one surfboard. The 23 is a performance hybrid that can be ridden as a proper thruster or twin fin setup. With precise fin marks and routes, the fin placement is not compromised. The 4 belly channels are placed for stability and speed, while the center channel fades at the 12" mark then abruptly reemerges to give the board a boost of energy. With this recession proof board model you’re bound to have fun in twin fin style surf and have the ability to ride it as a thruster to get the most performance out of your surfing.

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