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Chilli Hot Knife II FCS2-5'7"


$ 785.00 $ 695.00

5'7" x 19 1/4" x 2 7/16" 27.5 liters, swallow, poly, clear, FCS2 tri fin


Chilli Surfboards presents the HKII. Seamlessly updating the much-loved Hot Knife, the HKII becomes
a well-rounded, step down shortboard. This board is incredibly user-friendly and exhibits forgiveness across
all types of conditions. With the outline still providing the rail to rail transitions with ease, the HKII boasts
speed and control.  The HKII features a classic, slightly fuller shortboard outline in the front. We removed the hip through the fins, creating a more fluid ride rail to rail. This facilitates the straighter rail along the tail, enhancing speed, while a nice pulled in swallow tail allows for tight transitions
when the section presents itself. Continuing from the Hot Knife, the HK2 has a moderately flat entry rocker, transitioning into a smooth exit. The boards primary focus is maintaining its speed over
flat sections while also allowing for tight transitions. Continuing with the Hot Knife contours, the HK2 has
a single through the nose into a double through the
feet, that blends into a vee through the tail. This combo creates a fast board of the take-off that has a super
forgiving feeling rail-to-rail and control while you finish
your turns.

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