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Echinacea Smock


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Yellow Echinacea
Rust Echinacea

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The Smock is a classic style from the 1950-60s that was worn by beachgoers, waitresses, and artists alike. The smock is to the Bikini as the Cabana Shirt is to the Cabana TrunkIt's the perfect coverup for long summer days but it can also be dressed up with a turtleneck and leggings for long winter nights. 

The Echinacea Smock is a very special collaboration with Santa Barbara-based architect Jeff Shelton. Jeff is our all-time favorite artist, period. His buildings are unlike anything but if we were to describe them, they look like they were grown from the seed of a Dr. Suess drawing and every detail finished by a merry band of artisans. As you can see from Jeff's doodle and the photo of the finished building below, that description isn't far from reality. Jeff designs all of the tile used in his buildings and in addition to being funky and beautiful, they are multi-directional asymmetrical tessellations meaning that they are not symmetrical but they fit together in any arrangement. Jeff's designs have transcended the tile medium and have been printed on fabric to make furniture, drapes, wallpaper, and now smocks!

The smock originates from a time when beach attire was as classy as evening attire. This is your grandma's beach coverup!

The Inspiration

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