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Tie Down Straps 9'


$ 25.95


VEIA's anodized cam lock tie down straps comfortably hold your surfboards & gear down through extreme conditions. Trusted by 2 x World Champion John John Florence while traveling the world by car and boat, you won't want to leave home without these.

What does 'anodized cam locks' mean? Cam locks on a tie down strap are simple yet crucial when designing tie down straps. Anodizing is an extra step in our process, which coats a protective oxide layer over the cam locks. This protects against corrosion, rust, resists scratching and is one of the most durable surface finishes available. Simply put, we know you'll be taking these everywhere, so we built them to handle 'everywhere'. 


Durable anodized cam lock.
Neoprene cam lock padding.
Heavy duty red nylon strap.
Integrates with VEIA board bag tie down loops.
Storage/travel bag.
100% peace of mind.

1 3/16" strap width.
2mm strap thickness.

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